1.599.990 Ft
Rövid leírás
The NAC-N 272 combines our latest innovations in digital audio technology with classic analogue preamplifier engineering. It samples the best of both worlds to create an immensely musical hi-fi system.
Termék kódja
6.90 kg
Analogue Input 1x 5-pin DIN, 2x RCA pair
Sensitivity 200mV
Input Impedance 30kΩ
UPnP Ethernet (RJ45) or Wi-Fi
USB/iPod 1 front panel socket
Audio Outputs 1x variable (4-pin DIN, 1x RCA pair), 1x fixed (1 x RCA pair)
Line Outputs Fixed (level) 1 x RCA pair
Line Outputs Variable (level) 775mV RMS
Output Impedance <47Ω (variable outputs), <600Ω (fixed output)
Load Impedance 10kΩ (min.) requency
Response 4Hz - 40kHz
​Signal-to-Noise Ratio 87dB